Stepping into Spring

by Caroline Fabacher

White denim and chambray belong to warm weather like porch sunsets and margaritas or turquoise and a tan. With a casual bucket tote over my shoulder and some sparkly Keds for Kate Spade sneakers on my feet, I am stepping into spring!

Taste Bluebook ll Step into Spring ll Keds for Kate Spade ll

Spring is finally here, and I am so ready for long sunny days, and warm summer nights. I can't help it - I've got Texas in my blood, and I like a little heat. Don't get me wrong, I have been enjoying the Colorado winters, but I'm ready to turn my wardrobe over and put my boots and fur away for a little while.

I've never really been a pants person. Why bother matching your clothes when you can just put on a dress and look put together? But, since moving to Colorado, that has really changed, and I pretty much live in black spandex and dark jeans all winter long. So, the minute morning temperatures creep above 50 degrees, I'm ready to embrace some extra skin exposure!

Taste Bluebook Step into Spring

In the darker winter months, I also went darker with my hair. Seeing these pictures now, I'm thinking it's time for me to 1) get a tan and 2) lighten up, and definitely in that order. 

What are you going to do to get ready for the warmer days ahead?

Taste Bluebook ll Step into Spring ll Keds for Kate Spade