Same Crêpe, Different Day {A Double Take with The Little Green Coat}

by Caroline Fabacher

Oh Crepe ll Taste Bluebook ll

Holy crêpe, this is the best t-shirt ever, amIright? Okay, it may not be your go-to if you have to make a great first impression at an interview at a conservative office, but this take on the plain white tee makes me so happy. I have got to give some serious props to the Savanna of The Little Green Coat. By some stroke of magic (coughcoughSTALKINGcough), I stumbled across her Instagram account one day and found this t-shirt in one of her posts.

I immediately commented on her picture to find out where she got it, and then continued to peruse (drool over) her account. A mere 10 pictures deep, I had already come across three pieces of clothing I have in my own closet. At 15 pictures, I decided we were style twins.

Lucky for me, Savanna not only shared with me where she found this great shirt so I could pick one up for myself (it's currently selling at H&M $12.95!), but she also did not press the "delete" button after reading my overenthusiastic "HI I KNOW WE'VE NEVER MET BUT LET'S BE BLOG FRIENDS" email.  And thus, another DoubleTake was born.

I swear I'm not nuts. Maybe I'm just hazelnuts. And don't you think hazelnuts got excited when they met chocolate? The Little Green Coat is just my chocolate. NBD.

Check out The Little Green Coat to see how Savanna styled the tee!

Now I want a Nutella-covered crêpe...

Keds x Kate Spade ll Taste Bluebook
Oh Crepe ll Taste Bluebook ll Seated.jpeg
Oh Crepe ll Taste Bluebook ll

Also, can we talk about how fantastic these sneak's are for a second? To celebrate 20 years, kate spade has teamed up with Keds to offer a limited edition Keds x kate spade collection, and it is just cute beyond words. I'd been needing a pair a casual non-gym sneakers for a while, and when I found these I thought, "Rainbow! That matches everything!" I also like that the satin ribbon laces are optional - you can rock regular laces if you want to tone it down or it's just wet and crummy out. And the best part? kate spade style + keds price point = style score.

Oh Crepe ll Taste Bluebook ll Full 1.jpeg

If you decide to snag a pair, be sure to look around. Because they're limited edition and starting to sell out, Kate Spade, Keds, and various other retailers all have different stocks of different versions. Though the glitter sneaker I've got on is sold out on, it's not sold out on Nordstrom. Just do your homework before you decide which pair is for you.

Which pair do you like best? Comment below and share your favorite from the collaboration collection!

all images by Melissa Glynn Photography


{H&M, Oh Crêpe T-Shirt // available in stores}

{J.Crew, Midrise Toothpick Jean // on sale!}

{Keds x kate spade new york, Champion Glitter Sneaker}

{Gap, Python Leather Foldover Clutch}

{Cole Haan Leather Jacket // similar, low}

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