Pretty In Peplum {Girls' Night Out}

by Caroline Fabacher

Being in a long-distance relationship makes date nights few and far between - pretty much any time I go out it's with the chicas. But that doesn't mean I still don't get excited about a girls' night. Denver is a pretty laid-back town, so getting the girls together for dinner is an excuse to take a casual look up a notch. The lady-like shape of peplum felt perfect for the occasion, and the metallic accents - a touch of sparkle at the neck, a bold gold clutch, and gold details on the boots - dress it all up a bit.

Taste Bluebook Peplum Girls Night 1

When peplum exploded in the stores, I immediately fell in love with its feminine flirtiness. But top after top, dress after dress, I just couldn't seem to find a piece that worked on my body type - I'm not particularly curvy, and I'm a little short-of-torso-long-of-leg. Everything I tried sat too high on my waist, and all that additional fabric in the wrong spot made my waist disappear and my hips look wide. But I kept trying the style anyway, until I finally found the "Judy Peplum" top from Torn by Ronny Kobo. It's got a bit more weight and bulk in the peplum, which balances out my broader shoulders, and the waistline is just a smidge lower than so many of the peplum tops I have encountered before. I regret not getting it in a few colors when I had the chance!


Taste Bluebook Peplum Girls Night 2
Taste Bluebook Peplum Girls Night 3
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Taste Bluebook Peplum Girls Night 6