Get It Right, Get it Tight{s}

by Caroline Fabacher

Last Friday it snowed. Then, on Tuesday, it was 79 degrees. It's definitely fall in Colorado. So with temperature swings as aggressive as 20-35 degrees on the same day, what's a girl to do when she's trying to weather the weather and be seasonally on-point? Time to break out the tights!

This year, alice + olivia has partnered up with the UK's highness of hosiery, Pretty Polly, for some truly spectacular gam-tubes. Check out some of the collection below.

Deez hose is tight.

Pretty Polly Lace.jpg
Pretty Polly Embroidered.jpg
Pretty Polly Strip.jpg
Pretty Polly Crystal.jpg

I think the embroidered pair might be my favorite. But, if you were hoping for some options that are a bit softer on your wallet, Pretty Polly's got you covered with some other incredible options.

Pretty Polly Opaque Textured.jpg
Pretty Polly Opaque Spot.jpg
Pretty Polly Suspender.jpg
Pretty Polly Black Suspender.jpg
Pretty Polly Pattern A2.jpg
Pretty Polly Patter C1.jpg

LACE $48 // EMBROIDERED $98 // STRIPED $48 // SPARKLE $98 // WOVEN $25 // DOT $14 // COLOR SUSPENDER $25 // BLACK SUSPENDER $25 // TOWER $25 // BRICK $25


So many fantastic choices that it's hard to decide. Which pair do you like best?