TechSavvy {App: Facetune}

by Caroline Fabacher

I have a confession to make. And given how photo-dependent a lot of my site is, it's kind of a big one.

I photoshop the living daylights out of myself.

Image 1 - Before.jpg
Image 1 - After.jpg

I know the media does terrible things to women. I know that Photoshop distorts reality to the point that it no longer IS reality. And I know that perpetuating "perfect" images simultaneously perpetuates unattainable and untruthful idea(l)s about beauty. But just like a little makeup improves what I'm working with and makes me feel better about myself, so too does a little photo retouch every now and then. 

I know I should embrace my laugh lines. Bags under my eyes are badges of honor earned by pouring over textbooks and online research for hours. And I'd rather have my lattes and not-perfectly-white teeth any day. But when I started seeing the images through a fancy-pants photography lens, I started to realize that high-definition is high-definitely revealing. And though I always want to look like myself, I don't see the harm in a little digital buff and polish.

But I'm generally tech-challenged and I don't have Photoshop. And even if I did, I'm fairly certain it'd take me hours to accomplish what photographers and skilled Photoshop users can accomplish in minutes. I just don't have the time to learn that skill-set at the moment.

Enter the app Facetune. And let me tell you, it is a GAME CHANGER. The learning curve is low, the time investment is minimal, and the results are dramatic. The amount of improvement that can be obtained with a few seconds and even fewer swipes of the finger will have you hooked from your first use.

{I've done two sets of before and after shots, working within the app}

In this first Before & After (above), you can see that I've used the "smooth" tool and the "details" tool. Denver winters are SO DRY, and I have yet to find a product that keeps my skin moisturized through an entire day. The smooth tool conceals some of that flakey dryness that's not-so-attractive. Using the "details" tool, I brightened up my eyes, enhanced my day-worn makeup, and darkened my brows a bit.

Image 2 - Before.jpg
Image 2 - After.jpg

In this second Before & After, I've used the smooth and details tools again, and I also tried using the patch tool to remove that small scar from my jawline. This is more that I'd bother with for the site - who is going to be looking at my face THAT closely? - but I thought I'd try playing around with the function to show you it's capabilities. You can also use it to remove blemishes and, from what the website shows, cover up bald spots. You can really see how the smooth tool evens out my skin as well as softens some of the lines around my eyes.

The tools also allow you to whiten teeth, remove dark circles and blemishes, add filters, de-focus or blur backgrounds, and more - given it's ease of use, the app is remarkably functional. You'll have to play around with it and see what works for you! 

{Discover more about the app and download it here}

If your next Tinder/ date looks at you sideways because you posted a "Fakebook" picture, I assume no responsibility. If every single profile picture you post from now on looks fully glamorous, then yes, I'll take whatever credit is offered. Either way, your secret is safe with me.