Internet Awesomeness {Exam Season Special}

by Caroline Fabacher

In case you missed it, forgot how awesome it is, or just need an excuse to procrastinate.

With exams right around the corner for many, stress levels are on the rise. So, with that in mind, this round of Internet Awesomeness is full of warm and fuzzies, and some practical stuff, too.




1. If you don't find this pug amusing, you'll probably go through your whole life bored.  

2. The idea of a calming manatee sounds silly, but I find it oddly effective.

3. My awesome friend Dani told me this video is her favorite when she's having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. I didn't really get it...until the 30 second mark.

4. Sometimes, in law school, you forget that people are amazing. These pictures will restore your faith in humanity.

5. You'll crush your studies/work with this post from It's got the formula for getting things done and avoiding internet distractions.

6. Treat yo' self. Taking a few minutes out of even your busiest day does wonders for your sanity. Melt away some of that stress with one of these quick at-home treatments.